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Tariq Al Habtoor - Understanding Crypto currency

Tariq Al Habtoor is a young engineering and programming specialist who attended the Emirates International School, Collingwood College, Brunel University, London South Bank University and Kingston University. He’s currently an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at the UAE’s Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center, but he also has a keen interest in crypto currencies.

Are you wondering what it is about crypto currency that captures the minds of people like Tariq Al Habtoor? Facts like these might help you understand it better:

  • Digital Currency

Crypto currencies are, quite literally, digital currencies that have been secured with cryptography, or a cipher. Many crypto currencies use a block chain ledger for transactions to ensure accuracy.

They can be traded among users, and each crypto currency has an active conversion rate that changes with the current economy, just like any other currency.

  • Decentralized Currency

One of the reasons why people like Tariq Al Habtoor are interested in crypto currency is that it’s a decentralized system that is controlled by a vast network of computers.

They are not controlled by a government or central authority and are therefore viewed as more secure. In fact, some even view crypto currencies as more secure sources of wealth than standard currency.

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