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Tariq Al Habtoor: A Welcome Addition to Kinesis Money

· Tariq Al Habtoor,Tariq Habtoor

Tariq Al Habtoor has enjoyed a professional career that spans across not only more than eight years, but also a variety of wide-ranging organizations and industries.

A proven success in such fields as HVAC, engineering and real estate, Al Habtoor has recently taken on an exciting new role—one that promises to provide a resource of challenge and reward for years to come.

A Welcome Addition to Kinesis Money

In October of 2018, Tariq Al Habtoor was honored with the opportunity to join Kinesis Money—a crypto currency firm that looks to revolutionize the banking and monetary systems of today.

Added on as an investment advisor in the United Arab Emirates, Al Habtoor looks to put his communication skills and intellect to work to drive engagement, investment and growth for the firm in the months and years to come.

Tariq Al Habtoor
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