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Tariq Al Habtoor - What is a Venture Capitalist?

Tariq Al Habtoor enjoys a variety of professional roles. Not only is Tariq Al Habtoor a well-educated intellectual, mechanical engineer, real estate professional and entrepreneur, he is also a skilled programmer, noted operations professional and an innovative venture capitalist – someone always on the lookout for great ideas and business opportunities in need of financial support.

As a venture capitalist, Tariq Al Habtoor understands the term tends to elicit a bit of confusion among the general public. In the role of venture capitalist, professionals like Al Habtoor:

  • Invest in business ventures, such as the launch of startups or the expansion of existing enterprises.
  • Make investments in the form of equity financing. This type of investment generally involves a large financial commitment made by the VC in exchange for a significant equity stake in the company.
  • Tend to be active partners in the business – a role that often includes controlling a certain number of votes on the board and owning a large percentage of the company’s shares.
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