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Tariq Al Habtoor: What to Know About Polo

· Tariq Al Habtoor

Tariq Al Habtoor currently serves as advisory board member with an innovative cryptocurrency firm.

A member of the Kinesis Money Board since late 2018, Al Habtoor utilizes his considerable influence and reach across the Middle East to drive and promote investment in what is one of the most revolutionary firms in blockchain-powered cryptocurrency systems.

An Enthusiasm for Polo

When not driving growth of the Kinesis Money platform, Tariq Al Habtoor immerses himself in the game of polo, a popular yet often misunderstood sport throughout the region. A physically and mentally challenging contest, polo:

· Is played on fields 300x200 yards in size, with goal posts separated by no more than eight yards.

· Consists of four plays (chukkas), each lasting seven minutes.

· Is overseen by two mounted umpires who work with one another on decisions.

· Is decided by the number of goals scored by each team at the end of each contest.

Click here to learn more about AL Habtoor’s polo interest and experience.

Tariq Al Habtoor
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