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Tariq Al Habtoor: Work History Since 2011

Tariq Al Habtoor has worked in various fields—and within a variety of professional roles, throughout his career.

Educated at such prestigious institutions as Brunei University, London South Bank University and Kingston University, respectively, Tariq Al Habtoor has not only enjoyed the opportunity to apply his education as member of many notable organizations, but also to have continually grown what has become an extensive and impressive professional skillset along the way.

Work Experience

  • Junior Project Manager, Habtoor Leighton Group in Dubai (August-September 2011).
  • Paralegal, BlackLion Law LLP in London, U.K. (October 2015-April 2016).
  • MEP Engineer, Habtoor Leighton Group in Dubai (April-August 2016).
  • HVAC Engineer and Assistant General Manager of Real Estate, Al Habtoor Group in Dubai (September 2016-August 2017, and August 2017-January 2019, respectively).
  • Advisory Board Member, Kinesis Money (October 2018-present).

Al Habtoor has also completed numerous online certifications throughout his career, including a real estate certification through the Dubai Real Estate Institute.

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