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Tariq Al Habtoor - Would You Enjoy Programming?

Tariq Al Habtoor is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at the UAE’s Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center. Previously, he earned certifications in programming and built multiple successful apps, and he might just return to the field when he finishes his service.

If you’d like to join programmers like Tariq Al Habtoor, but you’re not sure if the field is right for you, questions like these might help you decide:

Are You Good at Time Management?

Programmers need to be reliable and organized for their clients. They need to have an excellent work ethic and avoid procrastination. If you’re good at time management, you’ll have a leg up in the field. On the other hand, if you put things off or feel disorganized often, you might struggle as a programmer.

Are You Good at Communicating?

Programmers like Tariq Al Habtoor need to have excellent communication skills. They need to be versed at speaking clearly, listening closely and breaking down ideas in ways that all parties can understand them. If you’re a great listener and you’re good at explaining things, you might enjoy the concept and idea exchange that programming offers.

If you’d rather not take time to study listening, communication and linguistics, though, you might want to think carefully before becoming a programmer.

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